Al loved to talk with all kinds of people; scientists, philosophers, retiree’s, religious devotee’s, common folk from all walks of life. Here we report on some of the very, very few records of those conversations. They give a small sample of the incredible diversity of topics and people covered in any conversation. On the last day of his life, Al’s last words to the author of this website/blog were, “Come back later. We’ll talk!” Even to his last breath, he was open to exploring ……


This particular conversation, involving nine people and Al, occurred across a 6-day visit in the Summer of 2009. We only have text notes for a general sense of what was covered for Days One to Four below. Just click on the Blue Link to view them. To return to the Website, please click on the back arrow at the top left of your screen.

To give the website visitor a taste of the range of persons and topics that were covered in a typical conversation with Al Wilson we give the following overview:

Here are some of the nearly 40 individuals mentioned over the four days of conversation. They are only in chronological order, not in any priority order, nor does the number of times any one name came up reflect any priority: Shingon, Himalayan monks, Japanese monks, Tao (2x’s), Kuhn, Gauss, Zipf-Pareto, Buddha (4x’s), Jesus (2x’s), Wolfram (2x’s), Markov, Galileo, Leibniz, Newton, Rand corporation, Rorschach, Luzin, Eigen (2x’s), BoltzmannvEinstein (4x’s), Mary Magdalene, Hausdorff, Poincare, Poisson, Hilbert, Platt, J.R., Nag Hammadi, Noether, A., Kauffman, S., Voorhees, B., Bennet, J.G., Allen, Steve, Descartes, and Occam. Notice the diversity of those who came up in conversation.

Here are some of the >50 concepts cited, again not in any priority order. Many were not covered in any lengthy way but rather mentioned as something to consider relative to the flow of the conversation or as illustrations or expansions given the inherent knowledge of the participants: Tyranny of Words, Metathinking; Metalanguage; Neural Nets, Power Laws, Isomorphies; Symmetry; Emergence, Black Swan events, Worldviews, Information; Energy, Wilson Concepts of Space, Grid Universe, Mutual containment, French Structuralist School, Ratio’s of Numbers vs, Systems Allometry, Probabilities, Randomness, Opposites; Counterparities, Matter: Antimatter, Quasars, Spin; Rotational Velocity; Angular Momentum, Complexity, Cyclic Triggers, Understanding versus Predicting, Materialism, Systems Processes Theory (SPT), Attitudes, Time; Width of Now; Width of Here, StructurProcess as One, Dimensionality, Big Questions in Systems Science, Knowledge Map Outline, Dyads versus Continuity, Linear versus Non-Linear Causalities, Equifinality, Pleioetiology, Space and Time, Fission/Fusion, Aggregation versus Fragmentation, Structure versus Process, Fields, SPT Spin Off’s, Systems Pathology, Allometry, Symmetry Breaking and Phase Transitions, Meeting of the Minds Program (Steve Allen), Stealth Systems Science, Meta-Systems; System of Systems,

Following each text is a photo album of selections from each day of this visit. All photo’s were taken by Art Wilson, Al’s son and physicist. You can click individually on each of the miniatures to see an enlarged version. Again use the back arrow at the top left of your screen to return to the album or the website page. On Day Two we traveled for our discussions to the Armstrong Redwood Forest (one of Al’s “sacred spaces” described in two other places in this website, namely:

  • “ReligionPhilosophy/Sacred Spaces” and
  • “Personality/Anecdotes/Luke’s Story”

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