“Meta” as a prefix is overused. Still it enables expression of the intent to “go significantly BEYOND” the present phase or state. Al loved to refer to the idea that there needed to exist a language beyond all that are available to Homo sapiens today. This he expressed as his search for a new meta-language which would enable humans to think and express and communicate significantly beyond our current linguistics.

There are estimated to be some 6,000 to 7,000 languages in the human population today. Many are sadly disappearing or have already become extinct. Anyone who has learned more than one language (sadly few Americans), knows that some ideas and emotions can be much easier or fluently expressed in one language than another. So a metalanguage was assumed in our conversations to be capable of expressing and enabling “thinking” far beyond our current limits of human thought.

In some cases, capable as he was in mathematics, it seemed he simply meant math expression. But that was not sufficiently popular or at a sufficiently low enough common denominator for a true fundamental popular level. Troncale extended the need for a metalanguage to the need for and inevitability of a meta-human as he and Wilson often mused about.