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Publications and Papers 1966-1969

  • Structural Parallels in Cosmic Aggregates
  • Structural Parallels in Non-Degenerate Cosmic bodies
  • Classification of Material Systems (after Shapley)
  • 48-inch Schmidt for Lunar Observations
  • Distributions of Redshifts of Radio Sources and Rich Clusters (6/14/66)
  • Cosmic Numbers (10/22/68)
  • The Dimensionless Physical Constants and Basic Mathematical Constants (6/17/66)
  • Gravitational Potentials of Cosmic Bodies
  • A Charlier-Type Cosmological Model
  • Homogeneous Cosmological Models with Bounded Potential (May 1967)
  • New Methods of Thought and Procedure (Zwicky and Wilson – May 1967 – Cal-Tech)
  • Morphology and Modularity
  • Freeway Design Parameters
  • An Empirical Relation in Pulsar Periods (June 1968)

Publications and Papers 1969

  • Gravitational Studies
  • Closure, Entity and Level
  • Draft copies of Hierarchical Structure in the Cosmos
  • A Taxonomy of Hierarchy
  • Cause of Hierarchy
  • Hierarchical Structure in Nature and Artifact (June 1969)
  • Discovery, Invention, Research, Through the Morphological Approach
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