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Although symmetry is a widespread pattern ignored by most systems thinkers because they focus mainly or only on humans, where it is less impressive, systems scientists and physicists are extremely aware of the significance of symmetry in their systems. It is also of great importance to mathematicians. As a physicist and mathematician, Al was more aware of the importance of symmetry than most systems scientists of his generation.

List of Books on Symmetry

Al accumulated a library of hundreds of books in his more than 94 years of life. Here are his books on symmetry:

  • Feynman, R. P. (1963) Six-Not-So-Easy Pieces,Basic Books, California. 153 pgs. ISBN 978-0-465025282
  • Macgillarvy, C. H. (1965) Symmetry Aspects Of M.C. Escher’s Periodic Drawings
  • Kepes, G. (ed.) (1966) Module Proportion Symmetry Rhythm, George Braziller, New York. 233 pgs, ISBN 978-0807603635
  • Amstutz, Dr. G.C.; Kunz, F.L.; Charon, J.E. (1967) Order in The Universe
  • Holden, A. (1971) Shapes, Space, And Symmetry, The Colombia University Press, New York. 208 pgs., ISBN 978-0486268514
  • Weyl, H. (1980) Symmetry, Princeton University Press, New Jersey. 168 pgs. ISBN 978-0-691023748
  • Pagels, H. (1985) Perfect Symmetry, Simon & Schuster, New York. 400 pgs. ISBN 978-1439148884.
  • Zee, A. (1986) Fearful Symmetry, Macmillan Publishing Company, New Jersey. 322 pgs. ISBN 0-691-009465
  • Wade, D. (1991) Crystal & Dragon, Destiny Books, Vermont. 270 pgs. ISBN 0-89281-404-7.
  • Stewart, I. Golubitsky, M. (1992) Fearful Symmetry, Blackwell Publishers,Oxford. 287 pgs. ISBN 978-0-486-47758-9
  • Icke, V. (1995) The Force of Symmetry, Cambridge University Press, New York. 360 pgs. ISBN 978-0521404952
  • Gribbin, J. (1998) The Search for Superstrings, Symmetry, and the Theory of, Cambridge University Press, New York. 360 pgs. ISBN 978-0-316092920
  • Gardner, M. (2005) The New Ambidextrous Universe [3rdEdition revised], W.H. Freeman and Co., New York. 392 pgs. ISBN 978-0-486442440
  • Livio, M. (2005) The Equation that Couldn’t Be Solved, Simon & Schuster, New York. 368 pgs. ISBN 978-0743258203
  • Smith, L. (2007) A Very Short Introduction, OUP Oxford, New York. 201 pgs. ISBN 978-0192853783
  • Stewart, I. (2007) Why Beauty Is Truth A History of Symmetry, Basic Books, New York. 304 pgs. ISBN 978-0465082377

Oosthoek’s Uitgeversmaatschappi, England. 84 pgs.

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